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Beware of the “over-rationalization effect” that Morocco Phone Number makes your users lazy

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Beware of the “over-rationalization effect” that Morocco Phone Number makes your users lazy

The biggest danger of using extrinsic rewards in gamification is that Morocco Phone Number rewards may cause users to lose motivation to do things. In other words. Someone is already motivated to do something. But the presence of a reward makes it less likely to do so. Some will say. How is that possible? ! ! ! The reason behind this is that rewards. As an extrinsic motivator. Crowd out the user’s existing intrinsic motivation. Once the user starts to pay much attention to the reward itself. He no longer has the same intrinsic motivation to complete something as before. Which eventually leads to the user’s intrinsic motivation being greatly weakened or even disappearing.


Make rewards play a positive role

This phenomenon is also known as the ” over-rationalization effect “. The effect of excessive rationalization This may sound counterintuitive. But it has Morocco Phone Number been proven. Give two examples to illustrate: (1) experiment 1: children’s creative painting The experimenter gave a group of children some paper. Pencils. And crayons. And then let the children draw freely. In this group. Some children like to draw spontaneously (strong intrinsic motivation). And they can draw great drawings without the factor of reward. Next. The experimenter offered a variety of different rewards to the child. For example: a child is rewarded with a star for a better picture.

Morocco phone number
Morocco phone number

The effect of excessive rationalization

Or a verbal compliment “You’re awesome!”. After some time. The experimenter withdrew the reward. It turns out that those children who spontaneously like to draw will no longer have the motivation to draw when the reward is cancelled. Nor will they have better ideas for self-expression (just thinking about waiting for the rewarder to give them a task before they start writing again). ). This is typical. Substituting their intrinsic desire to paint with the extrinsic motivation of reward. (2) experiment 2: israel day care pickup Researchers observe a day care center. Day care centers require parents to pick up their children by a certain time after get off work.

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