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Behind the popularity of BeReal, young Israel Phone Number people are looking for the essential fun of socializing

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Behind the popularity of BeReal, young Israel Phone Number people are looking for the essential fun of socializing

Maybe many people in china are relatively unfamiliar with instagram. The social app acquired by facebook for $1 billion in 2010 has a presence in overseas markets as well as the wechat moments in china. Every day. Countless users post pictures on instagram in exchange for likes from friends and exquisite “Personal settings”. Some people say that the social platform is the second face of the modern man. And this metaphor is very appropriate to describe instagram. Users post selfies. Food. Cats and dogs on the platform. And these actions are combined along the timeline.



Rebellious young man

Which is exactly what the user wants to present. However. This Israel Phone Number kind of behavior is actually the same as makeup. I am afraid that only the parties themselves know how many layers of makeup are applied behind the seemingly “Everyday”. With the passage of time. The social platform that originally advocated recording life has become more and more filtered. Full of false and untrue. And users’ rebellious emotions have become stronger and stronger. First. The popular “Blurred photo contest” on instagram attracted many young people to participate; then there was the “Make instagram casual” trend of some users self-deprecating.


Israel phone number

From addiction to silence

Until the emergence of social products such as bereal that pursues realism. Young users began to flee on a large scale. Similar scenes are not unfamiliar in china. When wechat moments just became popular. We would also spend two or three hours taking pictures. P pictures. And thinking about copywriting in order to post moments. The purpose is to let friends see our bright side. But this kind of behavior has gradually become a social burden. The social etiquette of p pictures and likes makes people physically and mentally tired. So that after wechat launched the function of “Visible in three days in the circle of friends”.

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