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Becycling, the new application that turns kilometers into profits

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Becycling, the new application that turns kilometers into profits

Great day for cyclists, who will start celebrating an excellent initiative today, at the Amanda Cultural Center Today the new application will be officially launched Becycling , an initiative that will allow Santiago cyclists to add kilometers to exchange them Netherlands Phone Number List for specialized products and / or make a contribution towards the construction of spaces and bike paths so that more people are motivated to use their bicycles as a means of transportation.

On the occasion, the launch will take place at the Amanda Cultural Center in a party that invites you to participate for free, if you confirm your bike attendance by Facebook. There will be a special security team in charge of them throughout the night. In this way, the entertainment center will kick off a new trend, night events aimed at cycling. The launch campaign includes the which will motivate cyclists to pedal to achieve the world’s first million kilometers. The objective? That private companies join the initiative and collaborate to improve the road infrastructure for bicycles.

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The application, available for iPhone and Android, was created by Javier Ramírez (Commercial Engineer), Nicolás Mancilla (Graphic Designer) and Javier Doering (Publicist) with the firm purpose of encouraging the use of two wheels, thereby improving the life of Chileans and making a contribution to sustainability.

The operation is very easy. Every time the person gets on his “cleta”, he will have to log in so that his kilometers can be recorded. Then you will save them and depending on the amount reached, you can contribute to road improvements or get discounts on new bicycles and products for them.

But BeCycling will also carry out the Phone Number List negotiations with private companies inviting them to pay for bicycle parking lots and the like, in exchange for publicity in the places where they are installed. In this way, brands will be able to position themselves as “Bike Friendly” by helping. The application will be connected to social networks , so each time a cyclist makes a “donation of kilometers”, it will be published, motivating others to follow him.

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