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‘Automatic Webinar Funnel’ or ‘Auto Webinar Funnel’

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‘Automatic Webinar Funnel’ or ‘Auto Webinar Funnel’

The ‘Automatic Webinar Funnel’ is similar to a ‘Squeeze Page’ with only a few variations uk mobile phone number. To carry out this funnel effectively, you must make a ‘Landing Page’ adapted to promote ‘webinars’, not only because it looks good visually and this will attract the user’s attention, but we want you to review all the information on the page because we want to buy time for our secret weapon to jump into action.

After a few seconds this subscription Pop-up will automatically appear on the web page to encourage the user to register for Free to our webinar, in this way a great value is created in the user since they can access a place Absolutely Free, so it’s a tough offer to refuse.

If the client decides to agree to join the ‘webinar’, he proceeds to our ‘Confirmation Page’, here, we inform the user about the start time of the ‘webinar’, and what is customary is to take advantage of that time to start the ‘webinar’ to show an instructional video about what you are going to receive in the ‘webinar’, and we can take the opportunity to tell a little about ourselves and what is the value proposition we have over the competition.

In addition, on this page we can also show how our services work, since the ‘webinar’ is free but we have other types of services that our potential clients may be interested in.

When the user enters the ‘Transmission Page’ it is important that we have a ‘banner’ or a button offering our services, since the purpose of the ‘webinar’ is to provide valuable information to different types of people, if information is provided Of value to users, these are much more likely to become clients, since they trust that we know the subject and have the tools to provide the correct advice, if someone needs personalized advice, they can opt for our most complete service. Gulf Phone Number List

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