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Artificial Intelligence: the fifth revolution 2

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Artificial Intelligence: the fifth revolution 2

Only through data and individual knowledge can we dynamically connect people with brands worldwide phone number list. We went from buying advertising space to buying audiences in real time, from channels to audiences, from targets to people. From information to ‘insights’. We must look at the media and, above all, the consumer, in a different way. The axis of planning would no longer be the channel or support, but the person and the intention of it. Are all advertisers prepared for this paradigm shift? 60% of the clients that make up Performics, the digital performance unit of the Publicis group, already have data plans or ‘data planning’. They don’t care about the site, they care about the person. There is no more radical way to put the end customer directly at the center of all our advertising activity.

Faced with this avalanche of information, how can the advertiser control his data? The figure of the DMP (Data Management Platform), seems to us essential and not only for performance campaigns, but for any media campaign. This platform helps collect, integrate and manage huge amounts of data, and is key to the future and present of programmatic buying. A good use of the DMP can increase the conversion rate x5, decrease the CPA by 50% and improve the image of the company (internal data from Performics).

Big Data is transforming the role of media agencies. There is still a long way to go in Spain, which is why we have a duty to make efficient and profitable use of data and to know how to interpret this reality well. We are witnessing first-hand an unprecedented and unstoppable phenomenon, the mass production of data, and we are getting closer and closer to the goal of delivering the right ad to the right person at the right time. Gulf Phone Number List

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