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Are B-end Products Suitable for Estonia Phone Number Use and Research?

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Are B-end Products Suitable for Estonia Phone Number Use and Research?

Estonia Phone Number
Estonia Phone Number

Are you working on b-end products or designers are scratching your head in user research? Don’t know how to do user research on b-end products. But can’t find users? Sometimes it takes a long time to do user research. But the results are not accurate? The asymmetry of user information. The qualitative research of normal c-end users. There are at least 7 users in each category. And 7n roles have 7*n categories. It can be said to be too difficult on the b-end. And it is basically impossible to reach users. Let alone to find so many types of users.



It is difficult to obtain the information


Although there is a back-end system. For the protection Estonia Phone Number of user privacy. We have no way. And we will not easily obtain the user’s contact information. What is even more embarrassing is that we may not have heard of some b-side products. Let alone finding users. It has always been a problem for b-side to find users. How to solve this problem? 1. It is difficult and a false proposition to do research on b-end products C-side users are the point of satisfying their own needs (solving the characteristics of single users). The user needs of the b-side are arranged externally (to solve the problem of organizational efficiency).




If b-end users do user interviews


qualitative research or quantitative research. The reason for the problem is that the user needs of b-end are arranged externally. And the users themselves do not know much (because ta is arranged rather than self-selected) . Therefore. Doing research on the b side is a false proposition. 2. If you don’t do user research. How to accurately mine user preferences? 1. Cognitive mapping Path dependence: north believes that “Path dependence” is similar to inertia in physics. Once something enters a certain path. It may become dependent on this path. This is because economic life. Like the physical world. Has mechanisms of increasing returns and self-reinforcing.

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