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Applying Content Marketing to Your Business

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Applying Content Marketing to Your Business

Search engines love content. In fact, content is among the top three ranking factors on Google  Burundi Email List. Thus, creating quality content with a high search demand, will i. send traffic to your site, and ii. Generate lead and demand for your products.

To do so, look for focus keywords with high search volumes and develop content around them. Note, the term “high volume” is relative – while 1000 searches/month may be worthwhile to some people, others consider such figures to be worthless.

Here, think of phrases that describe your products. For example, yoga pants, yoga, or meditation for a yoga store and beards or shavers for a store selling beard products. Next, utilize keyword analysis tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubbersuggest, and others to generate content ideas, determine the keyword difficulty, and keyword popularity/search volume.

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Next, prioritize the ideas to tackle first and create content around them. When generating the content, strive to match the search intent as much as possible. (To identify the search intent, search for the topic or the keywords, and identify the content type, content format, and content angle of the top 10 ranking content on Google and other search engines). Experts recommend not to stray from what’s working – at least not too far!

Also, create content that’s better than what is in existence. That is, match the intent better, add what’s lacking, provide unique value, etc. Once done, edit the content, publish it, and distribute the same via email and social platforms where your target customers frequent. Finally, rinse and repeat.

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