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Analysis of India WhatsApp Number List prompt design from three perspectives

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Analysis of India WhatsApp Number List prompt design from three perspectives

A slightly more complex product is indispensable for the prompt function. This kind of global module requires both an overall solution and specific application rules. Taking the mobile app as an example, there are many types of prompts (successful operation, operation failure, favorite, second confirmation…); there are also many display forms.

I have been thinking about this aspect recently, and I have compiled a set of methods and suggestions for prompt design based on external network data. For the convenience of explanation, the following will take the mobile terminal as an example, but the core method concept is applicable to various terminal platforms.

The following will analyze prompt design from three perspectives – importance, location and content composition.

1. Importance

There are so many types of prompts that it is almost impossible to enumerate completely, and many bug prompts cannot be expected at design time. So a more practical approach is to divide the prompts by their importance. But on what basis? The usability question rating rules I refer to here use “the likely impact on the user if there is no prompt” to judge the importance of the prompt.

If you want to understand the rating rules for usability problems, you can read this theoretical article I wrote earlier:

1.1 Severe reminder

Changes that are irreversible, involve money, or are not recommended, such as: permanent deletion, purchase, unfollowing…

design direction:

  • Make sure the user can see the prompt, even if it interrupts the current task
  • Requires user action or selection to continue


1.2 Moderate prompt

Change information that users may need to know and are interested in, such as: friend messages, network errors, account upgrades…

design direction:

  • Make sure the prompt is visible to the user without interrupting the current task as much as possible
  • Does not disappear automatically, but the user can choose to ignore


1.3 Mild tips

Changes that users can expect, such as: successful sending, adding favorites, turning on data saving mode…

design direction:

  • Avoid any interruptions to the current task and allow interested users to discover hints
  • Disappears automatically without any action


2. Appearance location

Location is very important for attention, and cues appearing in different places can have completely different effects. Because there are so many possible locations, they are mainly divided into three categories here:

2.1 In situ

It is definitely the best way to show a prompt where the user originally operated and the focus of the line of sight.

India WhatsApp Number List
India WhatsApp Number List

Because no matter how strong the guidance is, there is an unavoidable price for the user – distraction. Especially sometimes when the user is too concentrated on something, the side prompts that may be strong may not be able to attract attention. So this is equivalent to putting information in front of users, which reduces a lot of problems and costs.

This method is good, but the feasibility is relatively low. Like in the above example, click on India WhatsApp Number List the favorite icon and add a dynamic effect to make it solid. Of course, it is simple, but many prompts (such as loading failure) do not have trigger operations or uncertain focus of sight. If such prompts are to be displayed in situ, the line of sight The cost is higher.

That is, a company of India WhatsApp Number List the magnitude of Google dared to propose when building Material Design. I also used “not the eye tracking element, but the element tracking the line of sight” in  explained. But even a company of the magnitude of Google has no way to really apply this concept. In fact, most of their products have not realized many ideal designs in Material Design.

But judging from the speed of technological development, these should not be too far away.

2.2 Central

The central pop-up window and the floating layer may be the most impressive prompt positions, and there is no need to explain too much.

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