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Alternative Social Networks for your business 2

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Alternative Social Networks for your business 2


They describe themselves as “The world’s most beloved narrative-based social world platform.”

Wattpad is a very good opportunity to publicize narrative texts belgium telephone number mobile phone belgium, since its community amounts to 80 million users neither more nor less

In addition, with the collaboration of channels such as Hulu, Syfy or Sony Pictures, there is the possibility that your stories end up appearing on the big screen.


Its main key is the use of cryptocurrencies (called steems)

There, users can upload and share their content with the entire platform community, who should assess whether that content is good or bad.

For each positive vote, users get steems, with their corresponding economic valuation in the market


The idea of ​​this social network is that you can know everything that happens in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, both commercially and from neighbor to neighbor

What do you need a ladder? Not sure which is the best bar in the area? Did your car fail you at the last minute? In Nextdoor you can solve these doubts with the help of your neighbors

This social network can be especially useful for SMEs looking to make themselves known in their environment.


This is a social network that basically works as an alternative to YouTube, since uploading and consuming video is its main purpose.

If you have videos already produced, you can upload them to this platform and test how they work for you, the absence of so much competition is one of its main advantages right now.


A social network to share knowledge (especially professional) in presentation format

It is an option to upload the support materials of the presentations that you have made in public so that they are available to all

Its social character comes from the possibility of forming debates and asking questions about the content of each presentation. Gulf Phone Number List

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