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After confirming Belgium WhatsApp Number List the matching candidates. Before notifying hr to invite candidates

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After confirming Belgium WhatsApp Number List the matching candidates. Before notifying hr to invite candidates

We often see peers sharing the job-hunting  strategies of big factories, but how to recruit product managers from the perspective of the interviewer, there is very little such content. I think it is mainly because the recruitment positions are different and the questions are different. Every interviewer pays attention to it. The focus is also more personalized, and I will try to share it based on my own recruitment experience.

1. Before the interview

HR has already done a preliminary resume screening for us, and we need to reconfirm whether it matches.

Usually I will organize a table by myself, including all the candidate information recommended by HR, the specific content includes name, company, position, education, years of experience, whether it is a match, remarks, and interview results.

1. Match confirmation

Belgium WhatsApp Number List
Belgium WhatsApp Number List

Here we focus on whether the candidate matches the position. For example, we are recruiting an e-commerce product manager, but the candidate is a QE engineer background, and the cases are all ODM projects, so we mark the reasons for the mismatch in the remarks.

Some candidates are relatively matched and marked well, such as B2C e-commerce background, partial PC side.

2. Resume marking

After confirming the matching candidates. Before notifying hr to invite candidates. You Belgium WhatsApp Number List need to make corresponding marks on the resume in advance for verification in the interview.

The problems include Belgium WhatsApp Number List the first is performance. Candidates often describe the team’s performance as their own, and. What should be done as what has been done. Which needs to be analyzed and recorded;

the second is doubt, record the content. That the candidate did not express clearly. Such as work time breakpoint, rank, academic jump, etc.

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