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Advertising on Facebook vs. Instagram advertising

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Advertising on Facebook vs. Instagram advertising

Facebook advertising Facebook is one of the oldest social networks. In addition, it is the second most used worldwide and the most mentioned by Internet users, ranking behind WhatsApp. It is also one of the most valued when it comes to advertising. When Argentina Email address on Facebook, there is greater recognition in the different sections of the network, since it has more variety. It allows the publication of different formats and videos with a variable duration between 1 and 120 minutes. Instagram advertising Although it ranks behind Facebook in statistical data, it has a higher number of connected users today. Advertising on Instagram requires more work, since it is a 100% visual network with more demanding users; so the selection of content.


Notice on Facebook vs. Instagram advertising

This network does not have a great variety of advertising displays when compared to Facebook. Also, advertising videos cannot exceed 60 seconds in length. Aspects to considerIf we seek to outline the great differences of each social network, we will see how these aspects. Help us achieve better visibility and positioning of our brand.  These aspects to consider are the following:1.- Type of consumer and scopeFacebook is a social network with much more time.  so it has a greater number of users. In addition, it has a very variable average age. The really active users today are on Instagram. It is a growing network, in whichmostof its users are between 18 and 30 years old. 2.- Engagement Facebook is a multipurpose network, which is more associated with the mass media. Instagram works as a network that facilitates direct conversation with consumers and greater interaction, being more personal and simple.

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They host millions of users, so advertising on Facebook or Instagram has become a necessity . Sometimes we see it as a battle; But the truth is that both platforms work in a similar way , to the point of being able to complement each.  other to achieve the objectives that each company or brand seeks. However, it is important to know what the differences are between advertising on Facebook or doing it on Instagram and the benefits of.

each social network advertising on Facebook vs Advertising on Instagram Although making a distinction of the networks will show us the reach.  that each one has, the visibility and recognition of the public is what really matters. In that sense, let’s get to know the similarities and differences that each of these social networks has; and thus. determine whichone works best according to the type of business and content that you want to publish.

Notice to Facebook vs. Instagram advertising

Content The forms of distribution of advertising content on Facebook is more varied and with more format options, such as photos, videos, texts, among others.Instagram, on the other hand, only allows sharing Gulfphonenumber and videos of no more than one minute of durability. 4nage d from theFacebook business.  manager for both platforms.  This allows you to select the target audience, track campaigns and check the reach they have had. The most relevant difference is that Instagram does not allow the inclusion of links to websites in traditionalpublications.  Relevant conclusions As we have seen, advertising on Facebook or Instagram has marked differences but also great advantages.

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