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Advantages of using Social Networks in your e-commerce

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Advantages of using Social Networks in your e-commerce

During this pandemic, e-commerce has become a lifeline for many businesses, especially in the case of small and medium-sized businesses, which were launched online through marketplaces or their own online stores brazil phone number.

Having an online sales platform is as important as having a presence on one or more social networks, since they are a reference element for most buyers and people interested in buying from you, in fact, according to several studies, half of users search first information on social networks before deciding to buy directly on the store’s website

In this video I tell you about the 4 main advantages of using social networks in your online business.

Advantage # 1. Generation of interactions and trust

Networks are the ideal channel to establish a relationship between your business and customer, as if it were a physical store.

Give advice, explain how a product works, resolve doubts about a size, help find the most suitable product for a gift, to give you some examples.

These are actions that will help you build trust in users, as well as generate positive comments that can attract other customers.

Advantage # 2. They are an additional sales channel

In recent months, social networks have been developing their own sales platforms, which allow businesses to display their products and facilitate the purchase process within the ‘ecommerce’ itself. Facebook Marketplace or Instagram Shopping are two consolidated platforms in that sense, which also do not entail any additional cost for your business.

Advantage # 3. They allow to segment the market

With a minimal investment in advertising, which can go from $ 1 a day, social networks are an excellent tool to reach a specific customer profile, so that if you sell pet supplies, you can easily reach people who have dogs. or kittens. In addition, to segment by geographic regions, demographics or different types of interests and behavior.

Advantage # 4. They are a reliable data source

Through the measurement and statistics tools of each social network, you can obtain useful information to better understand your users and with which you can improve your marketing campaigns, or orient the content you publish to be more attractive to users. buyers

Now that you know how much social media can help you in your business, make sure you get the most out of it. Gulf Phone Number List

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