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Actions we recommend doing before updating wordpress

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Actions we recommend doing before updating wordpress

We are already clear that updating WordPress has many advantages, especially if you do not want to get up one day and realize that your online store has stopped working cell phone directory india. Or worse yet, the payments are pouring into another bank account. I don’t pretend to be alarmist, but these things happen.

That said, we are going with our list of things that you should take into account before updating WordPress if you do not want to die trying.

Make a backup. I think we are all clear on this point. If something goes wrong we must be prepared to restore a copy of our website and everything returns to normal. For this you can use plugins such as UpdraftPlus, WP Time Capsule, Duplicator or All-in-One WP Migration.
Do you have everything you need to update? In some cases, premium plugins are installed without a license or our license may have expired. Check that you have everything you need so that no plugin or template is left without updating. Otherwise it could cause incompatibilities.
Check the date of the last update of your plugins. It is possible that on your website you have plugins installed that are not compatible with the new version of WordPress or some plugin. For this reason, check that all plugins or templates have been updated in the last two months or so. If not, be careful.
Upgrade in a test environment. Some of the plugins that we have mentioned before, allow you to create a private test environment from which to perform updates before to check that everything works correctly. You can also create a local test site manually. These types of websites are very useful not only during the update process, but also to test new features and designs.
Study when your website receives less traffic. If we have a website that receives a lot of traffic on a daily basis, the ideal is to visit Google Analytics and see when we have less traffic volume. If this is your case, we recommend waiting for the right time to perform the updates, after all, something can always go wrong.
Make a copy of the database. Although it is part of the backup, sometimes we can forget this detail if, for example, we make the manual copy via FTP of the files. To make the copy of the database you must enter your Hosting panel.
Do not forget to put the web in maintenance. Finally, when we are sure that we can perform the update safely, we must put the website under maintenance using a plugin for it. In this way, if something goes wrong, users will not be aware of it.
If you carry out these actions before updating your website, you will surely not have any problem, and if it went wrong, you would have everything you need to go back to a previous version. Gulf Phone Number List

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