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A Practical “User Retention” System Albania Phone Number

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A Practical “User Retention” System Albania Phone Number

Do you really understand the concept of user retention? Many friends tend to subconsciously associate with their own business. And think that user retention is the Albania Phone Number behavior of revisiting their own website/app. For example. The retention of douyin is the behavior of users who visit douyin again. Let’s look at an example first: how to understand 7-day retention? From the time dimension. It can be either the retention retained on the 7th day. Or the retention within 7 days. And the effects of different dimensions are different; From the understanding of the indicator definition. It can be either active retention (if revisited) or purchase retention (e-commerce repurchase).



Why Everyone

Therefore. When we talk about user retention. We must first unify the caliber. Understand the definition and granularity of indicators. And achieve the same frequency of thinking in order to have a pleasant communication. At the same time. Different business systems Albania Phone Number have different retention indicators and granularity! Douyin. A high-frequency short video entertainment app. Focuses on next-day and weekly retention. While ctrip. A travel-focused app. Focuses more on monthly and quarterly retention. With the above in mind. We can try to give a broader definition of what retention is: who. When. Did what. And for how long? What you do and how long you will be doing it depends on the key indicators to be paid attention to in different business systems.



Albania Phone Number
Albania phone number


Has to Keep

For example. If an e-commerce company pays attention to the purchase indicator. The retention is the behavior of repurchasing again. And the content website pays attention to the activation or browsing behavior. . 2. Why – why everyone has to keep There have been a lot of articles shared about why to retain. So it will not be discussed as a focus. The main reason is Albania Phone Number that the demographic dividend of the internet is no longer there. And the previous explosive growth has become an era of stock competition. And the cost per user has become extremely high .Users are willing to stay it is also an important judgment on whether the product can provide effective long-term value. 3. How – what to do with user retention How to do user retention is the key part of this article.

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