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A New Era of Deeper and Longer Collaboration

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A New Era of Deeper and Longer Collaboration

Javier Pérez Moiño dubai phone number list, Managing Director of Accenture Interactive, outlines a new agency model that ensures advertisers take control of all their clients’ information through a deeper and lasting collaboration.
“The enigma of marketing is that it is one of the oldest activities of man and yet it is recognized as one of the most recent disciplines of business” (‘Philosophy and Theory of Marketing’, Baker 2000). Beyond being an “old but new discipline”, the reality is that, in recent years, marketing has evolved at great speed and is impacting the business model of the sector. This is due to the advent of digital marketing, the incorporation of new technologies and the possibility of making better decisions based on data and supported by AI. Marketing is leading advertisers to think about the possibilities of all these capabilities. The role of the CMO is complicated, because the functions that add to those of creating a brand or communicating the product continue to increase. Now you are being asked to be the ‘customer advocate‘ and provide additional business results, create comprehensive and increasingly personal communications. And this occurs in an increasingly digital context where consumer expectations have grown considerably and they are not satisfied with a shocking campaign. You want an experience that is consistent over time and tailored to your needs.

This is demonstrated in our study, ‘Personalization Pulse Survey’, in which 88% of consumers demand a more personalized experience. And 48% of those surveyed say they abandon hiring processes, saturated by an excess of options and a bad experience. Therefore, the new CMO has a double challenge: to know and perfectly handle the new digital capabilities in a context of increasingly demanding consumers. Experience is the workhorse. A consistent, measurable multichannel experience that provides clear business results and enables the CMO to be relevant again on the Management Committee.

These challenges require internal change. In traditional models, agencies helped independently manage some channels, often using their own technologies and data. The new model must allow advertisers to have greater control and a totally transversal vision of their clients. It is an unstoppable change (according to a recent study by the IAB in the USA, more than half of companies are internalizing their programmatic marketing capabilities). The challenge for agencies is to achieve a model that ensures the advertiser takes control of all their clients’ information, in all channels, and helps them execute the strategy they define or identify new advanced profiles such as the ‘data scientist’ or the ‘madtech’. It will lead to greater control of the advertiser, and it will be a deeper and more lasting collaboration. Gulf Phone Number List

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