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A Guide to Situational Interviews Finland Phone Number

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A Guide to Situational Interviews Finland Phone Number

However Contextual interview is a user-centered research model. This kind of interview takes place in a real environment. Researchers collect interactive information in the context of use by observing users completing tasks and conducting interviews with them. User concerns. Therefore User expectations and other data. Contextual interviews enable the interviewed users to express the interaction between products and users in a relaxed environment. And reveal the underlying reasons. These functional advantages make contextual interviews one of the most commonly used research methods.




This article takes the


” household interview ” as an example to talk about the Finland Phone Number steps and precautions for completing an interview. In-house interviews are interviewers who enter the user’s home with a certain purpose to communicate with the user. However Slightly different from other types of interviews. Household interviews pay more attention to the observation in the whole process. However And the perspective of observation is also wider. Starting from entering the residential area where users live. We also need to pay attention to the surrounding environment.


Finland phone number
Finland phone number

People and traffic conditions

However After entering the community. The environment in the community. The division of living areas. The width of corridors and entrances. Etc.. Can also be observed and recorded. Such observational data may help us enrich user profiles and help explain some user behaviors or phenomena. However Of course. The observation after entering the home must be the top priority. The observational data obtained at this stage are valuable supplements to the information gathered during the interviews. However The viewing angle of our observation should not be limited to the user’s expression. Posture. Movement. And walking lines in the home. Etc.. But also include the area of ​​the house.

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