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A B testing for the drastic improvement of a digital marketing campaign on Yousendit

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A B testing for the drastic improvement of a digital marketing campaign on Yousendit

In recent years the growth of Yousendit – the site based on the freemium model – has been exponential. Linda Tai Director of Marketing Analytics at Yousendit explained that the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List success had to do mainly with A / B tests.

The tests were made mainly at the design level, the contact forms, number of contacts and even the product comparison boxes were put to the test. Only the change in the position of the products had interesting consequences, a 7% increase in sales.

Another important exercise was to experiment with the periodicity of the services: annual and monthly, Tai’s hypothesis was that to the extent that the options were simplified, sales would rise. “Getting the conversion element design right is important; however, learning from mistakes is equally valuable, ”said Tai.

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Finally, different space limits were compared in the professional account but at the same price, different users received a limit of 5GB, others 10, 50 and 100 GB respectively. Surprisingly most users preferred 10GB. “More is not necessarily better,” Tai added.

Best practices for conducting these types of tests include: Create a test group within the company Ask for different perspectives on each problem Assign a business manager to create a hypothesis and context Establish a single metric to measure success

In the case of eCommerce, Yousendit uses the Phone Number List following best practices to measure success Income from new customers Buyback income Create a comparison table of results Create a price matrix for each product, so you can calculate the annual marginal revenue Do not alter any item during the trial period Type A / B tests require 7 days of validation

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