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9 ways to increase your online sales

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9 ways to increase your online sales

The companies that have best understood how to sell online in today’s market no longer differentiate between their sales channels online belgium phone number, on the contrary, they create as many media and formats as possible to facilitate the purchase of their customers.

Multichannel, presence in external channels, personalization of the offer, intelligent use of data, are some keys to improve the volume of sales in business.

In this video I will talk to you about 9 ways to sell online that I am sure will help you in your digital sales strategies

#1. Marketplaces

Don’t just think about the big players like Amazon and Linio, you can opt for new emerging marketplaces or others like Kichink that also offers you a comprehensive e-commerce solution

#two. B2B sales

Ecommerce is closely associated with B2C sales but there is a growing trend in the business-to-business segment to sell on digital channels

Marketplaces such as Alibaba, Solostocks (leader in Spain and Latin America), Amazon Business, Logismarket, 1688.com and GlobalSources are some of the most important for the B2B sector that you should take into account

#3. Manufacturer-consumer model

Besides that you will receive the complete utility, it is very interesting because it allows you to have first-hand information. Without forgetting that you will be creating your own sales channel that will allow you additional income without depending on anyone else

#4. Social E-commerce

The networks are there to share information and make contacts, but now they are one more sales channel

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, practically all social networks are adding e-commerce functions on their platforms so that users can make purchases without leaving the application

But be careful, it is not only about your brand being present on social media, but about enabling these functionalities and creating a whole shopping experience on your social networks

#5. Omnichannel sales

It is about giving your clients or followers the opportunity to transact with your company through any channel you have available; your online store, your physical establishment or social networks without there being the slightest point of friction

If you offer him a discount coupon on the Internet, he has the possibility of redeeming it in your physical store or vice versa

If the customer wants to make a return for a purchase he made in your establishment, give him the possibility of doing the entire process online or via WhatsApp. That is omnichannel.

# 6. Personalization of the web experience

This idea requires the implementation of technologies in your e-commerce that are probably not available to everyone but that will undoubtedly increase the sales ticket

Imagine entering an online store looking for high heels, but you do not buy anything, but the next time you enter, they will suggest high heels first because they understand that this type of product is the one that you are going to like the most and it is what you are want to buy

# 7. Build loyalty with your current customers

The increase in Internet sales worldwide is notable for thousands of companies and small businesses

The great paradigm is how many of our new clients are going to stay with us, how many of them are we able to retain

Opting for discount codes, exclusive benefit sales, gift cards, and rewards programs can be great ideas for increasing your buyer retention rate.

# 8. Personalized email

Email campaigns are very efficient and are even more efficient when accompanied by customer insight and include targeted messages

For example, a company that sells products for dogs may send their customers advertisements for accessories for their dogs, leashes, toys, etc.

You can then send them an email reminding them to go shopping. But that email can be more effective if the message is segmented by the type of puppy it has or its size.

Now imagine if you send a congratulatory email for his dog’s birthday

These types of messages, in addition to being more specific by type of user, generate more sales, loyalty and attention to communications.

# 9. Hybrid sales strategy

In the current context in which the border between the online and offline channels has disappeared, companies have to create hybrid sales strategies

And train hybrid salespeople: salespeople as good as before, but with full digital capabilities

Someone who knows how to combine consultative sales techniques, good face-to-face sales techniques, with digital knowledge to work remotely

In digital sales, the visual language is lost, we do not always see what the customer is doing, they cannot be invited to eat

The ability to connect is key, because you have less time than in a face-to-face format

You must be able to present your product well in a digital format Gulf Phone Number List

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