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6 tips for success in Social Media

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6 tips for success in Social Media

There are many factors that influence the success you can have on social networks . The target, the frequency of publication, the interestingness of the content, the way you communicate it and a host of etceteras that increases every day that Bulgaria Mobile Number Database we develop this exciting profession that is community management. Next, you will find 6 tips that can be used to support your management. Choose the best channel for your product. All channels are good, but not all are for your target. If you sell products for older adults, you will hardly find your audience on YouTube, but you will easily reach them through a website with a lot of information.

Get involved, listen, respond and participate. If you are clear about your social strategy – what you want, how you will do it, how long it will take you to achieve it -, you will have no difficulty in putting it into practice while you will be clear on how to communicate with your audience. If you ‘listen’ you will know what their preferences are and you will be able to comment on their needs. Then the questions will come and you will get closer to your target audience by generating trust. Social networks = make community.

Do not mix person and character. Although many times you can give your own name on social networks – it is good to identify yourself as the face that represents the company – remember that you do just that: you are the visible image of the company. For this reason, it is important not to mix what the person thinks with what the character who represents the brand thinks. The most serious mistakes are made by not knowing how to differentiate where the limit is between the two.

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Surrender to a strategy. Although flexibility is a fundamental condition in a CM, it is also to be able to focus on something. If you have already chosen a strategy, work all its edges until you “get the most out of it”. If it still doesn’t work, you should change course, but if at first it seemed like a good idea and did not have immediate results, it is very likely that you have lacked focus. Measure, measure, measure. The monthly report to the client is a must, but the most frequent measurement should be part of your routine. If you don’t know the results, how will you know if your strategy works or not?

Create, excite, motivate. In a world where nothing seems to stand out because we have lost the capacity for wonder, considering emotion as a hooking factor is not entirely unreasonable. If it works with advertising , why should it not work with our campaign social media Phone Number List that goes directly to touch the people of a community? How you get it will only depend on your creativity . A client recently told me that no concepts marketing were applicable to their brand, because they were “foreign ideas”. When I mentioned to him that emotion is common to all cultures, he could not continue arguing.

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