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5 tips to find and engage your audience on social media

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5 tips to find and engage your audience on social media

Paraphrasing the classic Los Enanitos Verdes , I could assure you that adding followers is not adding love. A large number can be good for your image as a Community Manager, but if it does not have results in the medium term, you will not have achieved the Austria Phone Numbers List objective. Quality will always be more important than quantity and in this case “quality” has to do with your audience being really interested in your product or service. Yes, it is obvious, but we do not remember it in the face of the temptation to add new “indirect” followers. Here are five tips to find and engage your audience on social media.

Find out how spends their time your target audience . Comscore, Nielsen and other consulting firms can be an interesting guide to know the activities of your target. If you know where to find them, you will know what to say. Look for content that moves your audience . Posting anything is the same as not publishing. The human eye registers words and concepts that tell it something, the rest goes unnoticed. Do not waste time, with things that interest only you. Time is money, worldwide, believe it, especially in marketing .

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Focus on Facebook but don’t abandon a stick-net. We know that it is the network most attractive for the entire world, so making efforts to go against the current, in this case, is not wise. Focus on this network, but do not leave aside another complementary one, such as Twitter, for example. FB is unlikely to go away or lose its charm, but you know… it’s never good to put all your eggs in one basket. On the other hand, there are people who prefer other forms of expression and that is also a good audience.

Learn from the best and use their advice. Add experts to your Twitter list Social Media , so you can continue to learn daily from the best and put their ideas into practice in your accounts. Creativity is great, but experience can exceed it at times. Consider mobile marketing. The Phone Number List use of is becoming stronger social networks through smartphones . Recently, Nielsen carried out a study of how men and women connect and the numbers continue to rise, especially in the female gender who prefer 10% to access the sites through their mobile phone.

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