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5 tips for success in social networks

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5 tips for success in social networks

Stand out from the competition is possible, just point to the right place Ok. You consider yourself a winner in the area of digital marketing, but you want to continue Philippines Phone Number List improving this year, in addition to having made the firm intention of standing out, standing out from the competition. This is the time when you may want to take into account some suggestions that we share with you below.

The least is good, but not for a leader . A few years ago, it was enough for a company to have a blog to outperform the competition. Today, it is not only imperative, but we must add the social networks most relevant , in addition to the obligation to publish some interesting texts, with a certain depth to place ourselves in a place of professional respect. That’s the basics of marketing, says Australian specialist Elmo Stoop . But you want to go beyond the average. So what else are you going to create?

Take advantage of your competitive advantage. For sure your company does at least something better than the competition. Look for that point, enhance it, spread it, make it the focus of your content. Take a chance. Producing a video these days can be done cheaply and without compromising quality. HD cameras are no longer unreachable. Even with a good cell phone and a creative idea, you will be able to put your own commercial or contest on YouTube. In addition, you can make a streaming to show your products, once every so often, giving your customers the opportunity to satisfy all their doubts. The old and beloved Twitcam is still a great tool.

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Build your community. If you want to be a leader, you must become an authoritative opinion in your field. Through your community on social networks , you can start to achieve it. Sites like American Express in the USA or Sport Jagd in Chile, for example, begin to reap the success of their specialized forums, after five to six years of operation. A couple of months ago the sports site brought together a hundred shooters from all over the country in a southern city. To date, no one knew each other, but they felt connected by the forum.

Use the right measurement tools . In addition to Google Adwords, there are countless other alternatives that will allow you to evaluate your status in relation to potential Phone Numbre List customers and the competition. Some of them are: A tool to manage and analyze your community on Twitter. It has several interesting powers.

Ubersuggest. Alternative tool to Google Adwords, to find keywords. You can select the language that interests you. Keyword Spy. A site to see what keywords the competition uses. Unfortunately it is not available for all countries. Social Crawlytics . Tool that allows you to analyze the most shared content of the competition.

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