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5 things you should know about Pinterest

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5 things you should know about Pinterest

Advantages and disadvantages of the imaging network Pinterest is the youngest social network, among the big ones and interest in it increases every day. Some speak of a kind of “vice” that is generated when trying to publish more and better images. Others still don’t find it too funny. Is it good for marketing ? Here are some things you need to know about Pinterest that can help you get a response.

Number Three. Pinterest is the Buy Czech Republic Mobile Phone Number Database most popular Social Media site , after Facebook and Twitter. A year ago they already registered visits for much more than the 104 million with which it began and according to other research , we know that the growth was enormous during the past year. No, the overall growth has been enormous, considering that the site was only launched in March 2010.

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Weather. The average Facebook user spends approximately 12 minutes visiting friends’ profiles or posting something on their own wall. The Pinterest user spends around 16 minutes on their account to view, comment, repine, and upload images. Not just for women . The site has a reputation for being a feminine space and it is partly true, but it is less and less skewed as when it started. In 2012 the percentage was divided between 65% and 35% during the first semester in the world – in the USA there was talk of 80% and 20% – and it was balanced during the second.

Generation of online sales . According to the figures provided by Jason Miles , online sales through published images quadrupled, compared to the Phone Number List previous year (see image) No to self-promotion. Since nothing is perfect, rules Pinterest’s suggest that self-promotion is not correct, so companies have had to think creatively to see how they can attract more users, to the limit of promotion. This implies the need to maintain the artistic look, simplicity and entertainment.

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