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5 reasons to include Twitter in your marketing strategy

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5 reasons to include Twitter in your marketing strategy

The microblogging network is sometimes ignored for being “the second network”. Find out why it is still a good alternative. It is common that, when presenting strategic digital marketing to a client, he expresses his doubts, if we are prioritizing the Greece Phone Number List role of Twitter. The most frequent reasons are nothing more than ideas or rumors that they have heard “somewhere” and include statements such as: “it is not the preferred network of the people”, “there is no space for content” and that “nobody cares about it to Twitter “. However, there are several concrete reasons why you should include Twitter in your strategy and they make a strong argument for your presentation.

The importance of momentum. Upload a photo to Twitpic, then write a short, suggestive phrase. Refresh the Twitpic page and you will see that, the second you have published, you have a dozen visits at least. We are all curious and if the message is irresistible, it will reach several people in a minimum time. Take the experience by directing it to your website and you will see how the traffic increases. The same does not happen with Facebook, because you have “more time” to think about the information or the hook.

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Immediacy. Discounting a bad idea of ​​using a ‘bot’, it is clear to everyone that Twitter requires immediate presence and since the dynamics are so agile, it forces us to react quickly to questions, concerns, and various requests. The public appreciates it and also comments on it. Comments. If you want to know what people think of your brand, Twitter is, in addition to a platform, the most direct tool to investigate your positioning. It’s as easy as typing what you want to evaluate in the ‘search box. Everything you can discover is impressive, sometimes more than you expect.

Monitoring the competition. Through Phone Number List this network, it is quite easy to follow the competition, compare people’s actions and reactions. You can do it without having your account, but the fact of being present in the same place as them will always be a plus. Keep up to date with the industry. Finally, the microblogging network is the fastest way to keep up with what is happening in the world and in your own industry. If you use groups and follow certain sources, you can get an interesting benefit from “first hand” information, and believe me, there are many.

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