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5 of the most ‘freaky’ social networks of the moment

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5 of the most ‘freaky’ social networks of the moment

The diverse interests bring together millions of people on social media out of the ordinary. There is everything in the Lord’s vineyard , says a popular Singapore Phone Number List phrase and fortunately, it’s true. However, even if diversity is loved, there are places that are really curious. In the case of social networks and the growing global interest in them, the variety of sites is increasing daily and it is worth reviewing some that are out of the ordinary, because they gather followers for specific topics.

Vampire Freaks. The existence of a place like this is not strange, given the fascination that the subject of vampires has in the world. It is oriented to everything that has to do with the Gothic and users, when creating their profile, can join “cults”, interest groups such as “Twilight”, “Levithian”, “Marylin Manson” and others of sexual connotation.

Line for Heaven . If your intention is to be okay with “The Boss”, maybe Line to Heaven is for you. In this curious social network, you earn karma points for blessing people, which helps you save your soul and reserve a place in Heaven. You can also try the temptations and interestingly you will also get profit. The points for the Final Judgment are obtained every Sunday.

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Intellect Connect. With the slogan “a meeting of minds”, it is a social network for those who fly high in intellectual terms. The site invites you to embrace the “Inner Geek” while communicating with others similar to you. Music for all tastes, from the ’50s to the’ 90s is what the site offers to users. To sing the songs, it is necessary to register and if you authorize the system, activate the microphone and the camera to record yourself while you sing. There are more than a million users participating.

Stachepassions. It is a 100% free social network and online dating site for singles specifically with a passion for the mustache. According to the Phone Number List site, “style is a difficult thing to pin down, but there is no question among Stache Passions members that there is nothing finer than a good mustache ”. There are other sites associated in a kind of “network of passions.

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