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5 golden rules to be successful in Influence Marketing

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5 golden rules to be successful in Influence Marketing

Carrying out branded content actions with influencers and specialized media is already common for many brands Bahamas Email Lists, but this type of action is undergoing constant changes. The market is expanding rapidly as different types of media and influential profiles emerge. Each of them offers different benefits and compensation for brands.

It is influencing any person or medium online with significant and qualified traffic. It always includes the heavyweights of Instagram but also expert bloggers in their field.

The 5 key steps to optimize an influencer marketing strategy in this year 2021 are:

1. Identify the relevant influencers.

An influencer can have an impressive audience that, at first glance, interests your potential customers. Are you a women’s fashion brand and do you find a fashionista in your sector with 100,000 followers? Fantastic. But a deeper analysis of her audience can show that the majority of this woman’s followers are men from another country, an audience that does not interest your brand. Be careful with appearances! Analyzing the profiles that interact with the influencer can be of great help.

You also need to find out the traffic that a particular blogger brings. Taking a look at their social networks is a must. For example, your number of followers on Twitter may or may not confirm your true influence.

Lastly, the influencers and authoritative media of yesterday are not necessarily those of today. Constant monitoring is necessary to always be in contact with the true opinion leaders.

2. Give privilege to micro influencers.

It is an important trend for this year 2021: Micro Influencer Marketing. 10 influencers or media with an audience of 20,000 people are worth more than an account with 500,000 followers. Indeed, the services of a famous influencer will probably cost more than the average. By working with several medium-sized influencers, any brand will be able to diversify risk and lower costs.

Of course, working with 10 instagrammers or bloggers requires a greater organization than working with just one. But it’s worth it: a campaign with micro influencers generates 60% more engagement than the same budget used with a larger influencer.

3. Prioritize the authentic.

Influencers and specialized accounts increase the online visibility of a company and thanks to a personalized approach, they are able to better promote the offer of a brand. It is important to find the balance between total control of your messages and absolute freedom. It is natural to want to validate the influencer’s messages before they are published to ensure that they follow the brand image, but you do not need to offer them all the artwork or be too strict about brand guidelines. It is good to leave a space for creation, to allow them to create the content since they know better than anyone how to communicate with their audience. In influencer marketing, authenticity is an added value.

4. Measure the results.

According to a Burst Media study, a dollar spent on Influence Marketing represents 6 times more in earned media value.

Many marketers have been slow to try Influencer Marketing because of the risks and difficulty in measuring results, but this is no longer a problem. Now you can precisely measure the traffic generated and the conversion rate in each audience with different tagged links in the blog or influencer communication.

5. Delegating is wise.

Advertisers have two options when managing an influencer marketing campaign. The first is to carry out the entire campaign themselves. This means carrying out tasks like identifying the right opinion leaders, starting a contractual relationship with multiple micro influencers, managing posts, and measuring results, which can take a lot of time and energy. The second is to delegate all this work to a centralized platform or an experienced broker.

For social networks, there are many tools to find influencers, such as the famous Buzzsumo. But if we are talking about a true intermediary, it is advisable to privilege an agency that takes into account the marketing strategy and directly manages relationships with micro influencers, such as Pulse Advertising or R-Squared Digital. For influential blogs and media, it is advisable to choose a platform that offers a wide choice of registered media and blogs Gulf Phone Number List. For this, getfluence.com is an unavoidable partner, specialized in branded content and with more than 10,000 integrated media and blogs. In addition, getfluence ensures that deadlines are respected and that collaboration is positive for the advertiser and the medium.

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