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5 Free Tools for Your Social Media Management

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5 Free Tools for Your Social Media Management

Five sites that support your management in social networks As the interest of companies in social networks grows, so does the Argentina Phone Numbers List difficulty of supporting management efforts. To do this, there are a variety of tools that appear on a daily basis and that constitute a good support for your work. We share with you some of them.

Alltop. It is a great tool. In Chile it has an address with some links in Spanish here. As a source of content or up-to-date information on almost any subject, the site is a guide to blogs and world events. Buffer. This is a tool that allows you to manage accounts – like Hoosuite or Twitdeck – from a very basic, but useful panel. You can schedule the publication of content, without turning the resource into a ‘bot’.

Commun.it. Manage your Twitter account, giving you very useful information about your followers, the most active ones, those who make RT of your activity, the leaders, etc. It also suggests who to follow and you can choose to collect reports on your activity. It’s been linked to Buffer for a while now, which allows you to post topics through that account, giving it the standard authorization for apps social media .

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Storify. Through this tool, you can create and save articles – of short length – to publish them later and in thematic units. Backtweets. It is a very easy to use tool. You just have to put the address of the site you want to evaluate in the search bar and it will give you a list with each tweet that has the link as part of its content. If you are running a campaign and want to know how much traffic can be attributed to social networks , enter the address here and you can get an idea of ​​how much it has been shared. You can also enter your Nick on Twitter.

Topsy. It is an alternative to AllTop, to easily Phone Number List discover new trends in your business, the competition, as well as related products and services. These are just a few tools that can make your job easier. Do not forget that every day a new one appears.

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