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5 Examples of Creative 404 Error Pages to Get Inspired

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5 Examples of Creative 404 Error Pages to Get Inspired

Communicating in an original way helps to keep users on the site mobile phones greece, but it should always be consistent with the brand.

The biggest frustration for browsing users: the Error 404 page. An HTTP response code that signals the user that they have requested a non-existent page.

Page not found Airbnb
The “Error 404 not found” is the most common error that we find, frequently due to an imprecise writing of the URL. The failure, however, is also given by the broken links that indicate that the page has been removed from the face of the Internet, moved or renamed.

The first thing we do when faced with Error 404, apart from hitting the desk with our fist, is to abandon the search and leave the web page.

Error 404: an opportunity
This page, however, is not always bad: in recent times the most creative have used this dead page to add value to the website, attracting the user’s attention and redirecting it to a new page.

Guide the user to pages related to their search, take them to a specific landing page, sponsor products or services … All this, trying to make them smile.

All added, generates an opportunity to inform the user and communicate the prediction of that failure in an original way.

Guide the user to a new answer
Therefore, improving a 404 Error page is essential so as not to make the user feel helpless during their search. Optimizing a page means preventing the user from leaving the site permanently and, consequently, taking a bad image of it. The customization of the Error page could push the visitor not to make the final decision to leave the web, but rather it could bring them closer to the company, or at least, to its vision and image.

A well-developed 404 Error page in design, graphics and message is an opportunity not only to guide the user towards a new answer, but also to continue interacting, to be interesting and to be remembered in a curious and pleasant way. Gulf Phone Number List

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