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5 common Cameroon WhatsApp Number List mistakes and solutions in designer portfolio websites

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5 common Cameroon WhatsApp Number List mistakes and solutions in designer portfolio websites

Portfolio websites are the face of designers and design agencies. Clients, clients and businesses usually get their first impression of designers through portfolio websites. In the design of portfolio websites, designers often focus on personalized expression and catering to trends. However, in terms of details and overall strategy, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the portfolio of many designers.

Since I work with Semplice, this portfolio service for designers has given me the opportunity to see many different design portfolio sites, which has also given me a better understanding of portfolio site design. What kind of design will make designers fail when looking for a job, and what kind of portfolio will be more likely to be favored by enterprises, I also see this more clearly. Below are 5 common problems in portfolio website design and their solutions.

1. Only pictures, no case studies

As a designer, it is understandable to enhance the visual effect of the portfolio itself, after all, the portfolio is used to display design works. However, in most cases, when viewing design works, as a visitor, there is a need to understand the background of the entire design project, the problems encountered, the process of solving, and the direction of thinking. It is good to simply put a lot of pictures on the page, but without the introduction and analysis of the case itself, it is difficult for people to have a deep enough understanding and memory of it. The process of case study, the details of analysis and thinking can not only enhance the dimension of the design project display, but also enhance the value of the work.


If your design project has different phases, briefly introducing them will make the outline of the entire design project clearer. You can even pair images with Cameroon WhatsApp Number List longer captions, like  in   ‘s portfolio. Visitors will quickly scan the content of the website, find the content of interest, and then read it carefully. When writing the description text, try to use a simple and clear expression. You will find that the case study itself is not complicated, and the improvement of the entire design case is obvious.

Cameroon WhatsApp Number List
Cameroon WhatsApp Number List

Mackey Saturday presents instructions in small paragraphs.

2. Visually stylish, but vague self-introduction

If your portfolio website includes a self-introduction, try to write something that will help people get to know you better. The transmission of Cameroon WhatsApp Number List information and translation are sometimes very similar. And the expression “faithful, expressive, and elegant” is always more appropriate. And vague expressions such as “I am good at playing with pixels” not only. Make visitors feel embarrassed, but also appear pompous. A sincere and clear self-introduction paired with a visually prominent and well-placed design will leave a lasting impression.


Enterprises and clients always hope to have a clear understanding of you through. The portfolio website, and the clear information presentation. Can make you impress them faster. Statements such as “My name is fashionable. Jessica Jones, currently working in New York as a brand designer and art director. Are clear enough to add a bit of personalization to this foundation, like    like this.

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