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5 common mistakes in communication, marketing and sales

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5 common mistakes in communication, marketing and sales

Do you think you are spending too much money on your website and you do not see a return? Are you tired of making dozens of budgets and in the end none of them ends up being a sale? Do you work too much compared to what you earn at the end of the month? Do you still believe that online marketing, communication and other expenses are useless? In many small and medium-sized companies and some startups, this feeling is common. In many cases, basic mistakes are being made that lead to these conclusions india phone number.

Next, we are going to list some of these mistakes, so that you never make them again and know how to identify them in time.
common mistakes in communication, marketing and sales

1. Set detailed goals
This error is one of the most common, hence the first on our list. A very common practice is to go on the fly, not to establish a clear communication strategy. marketing and sales that follow the same guidelines and share business goals. It is vital to set goals from the beginning of a campaign, decide where you want to go, how you are going to achieve those goals and in what ways you are going to measure whether your actions are having results.

2. Find your ideal client
The second most common mistake is not knowing your ideal customer, your target audience. To reach your clients, you need to speak the same language, understand their needs and interests, to appear in the same media as he does. And, even to segment your audience according to the profitability they generate for your company. It is not necessary to reach everyone, the most important thing is to get closer to those sectors of the population that bring you the greatest benefit.

3. Focus on your customers
My third tip is to focus all your work on the client. He has to be the center of everything. We have to make happy customers. This is easier to achieve if you have some software or a program that helps you track customers. It is what is called, for example, a CRM, which will allow you to know where it has arrived, on what date, what it has ordered, and to monitor the customer very personalized throughout the sales cycle. And, at the same time, to be able to offer you complementary content. Or even doing “Up-selling”, which means that it goes from a basic consumption level, we could say, to a higher consumption level. Therefore, it is important that you focus your communication and marketing on the customer and that you have tools to accompany them throughout the process.

4. Optimize and simplify your offer
It is quite important that your offer is not too wide, to the point of getting your client to get lost and not know how to decide. If you notice, it is much easier to choose between three chocolates than between ten. Your offer has to be clear, specific and profitable. Carry out a study on the products and / or services that generate greater profitability and focus on them. Choose only those products that are really profitable. Sometimes it is more important to offer only the best than to offer a great variety. Quality and profitability, before quantity and variety.

5. Attentive to communication in networks
Finally, we must highlight the value that today is given to digital communication. You have to be attentive and be careful whether you abuse them, becoming a slave to social networks and leaving aside other responsibilities, such as those who forget or do not value online presence for saying that it is not important when in reality, today Nowadays, who is not on social networks, and on the Internet in general, does not exist. We always advise that a balance is found to have a good online and offline strategy. Gulf Phone Number List

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