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5 Bottom-level Secrets That Make Colombia Phone Number Users Retweet Like Crazy!

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5 Bottom-level Secrets That Make Colombia Phone Number Users Retweet Like Crazy!

The practice of many brands is to let the target group do some likes and circles of friends through the inducement of interests. Is this the only way to do community sharing? In fact. If you can provide value to your users. Let alone you don’t give them money. Even if you charge them. They will still share. A psychology professor once called a group of people to do a sandwich preference test. And in return. The subjects could get a certain experimental fee. In the experiment. These subjects had 2 choices: Do nothing. Get paid 25% more; You can share your favorite sandwiches with the people around you. And the reward will remain the same.




What is the final result

Most people would rather give up 25% of  Colombia Phone Number their pay and share their sandwich preferences with others. In other words. Sharing is human nature. Something that they can do without monetary incentives. For another example. Suppose one day your friend a tells you that he attended a party the other day. And after the party that night. He had a one-night stand with a world-renowned ukrainian supermodel. Still in a black mercedes-benz downstairs. In the car! What’s even more exciting is that this model turned out to be the illegitimate daughter of the russian emperor!


Colombia Phone Number
Colombia Phone Number

You were the first to know

And your friends didn’t ask you to keep it a secret. If god suddenly appears at this time. I will give you 2 choices: Can’t tell anyone to find a message and reward you with 1.000 yuan; You can tell anyone. But there is no reward. How would you choose? Most people will probably choose the second option. More likely. Before god appears. You can’t wait to post on your moments. Right? . Such a shocking secret talk. What is 1.000 yuan! Since sharing is an instinctive need for people. Instead of spending huge sums of money to stimulate them to share. It is better to directly create some content that will make them want to share. So how do you get others to share it? First. What we need to consider is not “What do we want them to share” (like a product that works well).

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