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4 things you can and 4 you shouldn’t include in an online store

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4 things you can and 4 you shouldn’t include in an online store

Figures from Banco de México (Banxico) indicate that from January to March of this year, 51.8 million online purchase requests were registered By the end of this year alone, revenue is forecast to e-commerce hit $ 1.328 billion, and according to Goldman Sachs Peru Mobile Database figures, average spend per user will grow to $ 574 during 2018. Mexico joins the trend of online sales slowly, but strongly. Figures from the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) indicate that from January to March of this year, 51.8 million purchase requests were registered online .

Therefore, companies must attend that point of contact and know at least the following 4 things that yes and 4 that you should not include in an online store: Peru Mobile Number List

Multiple payment methods

The credit card is the most common payment method for online purchases, however, in Mexico, despite having almost 30 million credit cards according to CONDUSEF, there are 120 million people in the country, therefore that there are at least 90 million potential consumers who will not be able to buy in an online store because they do not have a credit card. Self-service payments or bank deposits are a viable alternative.

Shipping details

Detailed information about shipping costs; data on returns and complaints; Reliable payment information, this will give the consumer the feeling of security they need and could make a difference for them to buy from your online store and not from another.

Includes apps

You will need tools to help you optimize your business, apps are effective elements in this regard, so use applications in accordance with the function that you detect that the portal is missing.

Sum IA

The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the business world is becoming increasingly relevant and e-commerce is no exception. Last month, Sokrati, a company founded by former Amazon collaborators, launched a marketing-focused platform for e-commerce and analytics that works on AI.

Little items

An online store should be nourished by photographs in adequate resolution, detailed descriptions of products or services and even reviews from other consumers to complement the shopping experience.

Require an account

Still found in many stores is the lack of the ability to buy without having your own account on the site. Don’t make it difficult for a customer to shop in your store.

Forget the offers

One of the Brother Cell Phone List main stimulants when deciding on a place to buy is the offers. These can be decisive, therefore they must be included in the online store. Skip SEO and SEM We know that a campaign SEM positions a web page immediately, while working on the SEO campaign. Both offer higher performance when interrelated. However, only concentrating on investing in both aspects and not on measuring results can lead to an error, so an online store should address this aspect.

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