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4 Things for Building a Healthy Company Culture

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4 Things for Building a Healthy Company Culture

One of the worst experiences of my early work life has been working for France Phone Number List an agency where the company culture was so toxic that its attrition rate skyrocketed – the micromanaged employees were leaving the company at the slightest opportunity.

I was even ready to swallow a pay cut to get a job at just about any other company. Luckily, life had other plans for me as I was able to find my next job at a popular eCommerce company and eventually launch my own startup agency in London. My co-founder, who had also been a victim of a negative culture, and I decided that we will do everything possible to build and inculcate a healthy culture in our agency from the very beginning.France Phone Number List

It gives me immense pride to look back and admire the company culture that we have built at NOVOS – the sudden shift to remote work has, in fact, strengthened it! It has allowed us to grow our team by over 50% during the pandemic and made the remote onboarding smooth. As I continue to see the benefits in my company, it seems prudent to share our approach here with the hope that it will help other agencies.

Why Is Company Culture So Important?

Company culture is crucial to the day-to-day effective functioning of the company as it guides the team on how to behave and what to expect from their co-workers while working together. It is essential if you want your staff to function as a team and its role becomes stronger when the team is working remotely.

Building your company culture is one of the most important missions you will take as a founder — you should take utmost care to make the process conscious. Otherwise, you will find yourself a part of a culture that you didn’t create and once established, it is difficult to change.

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