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4 Takeaways on the Road to Saas Customer Success Cambodia Phone Number

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4 Takeaways on the Road to Saas Customer Success Cambodia Phone Number

However Although saas vendors all have customer success positions. Many vendors turn customer success into customer service. Therefore And some even start to lose contact after the contract is fulfille. On the road to saas customer success. We must pay attention to what are the points?” As early as 2001. Since salesforce established the customer success team. However Customer success has been paid attention to by domestic saas vendors. Therefore By 2015. Many saas vendors in the market have also starte or have built their own customer success teams. However. There are still differences in the understanding of customer success between chinese and american saas service providers.




Domestic saas started relatively late

And the saas concept and products are still in the process of Cambodia Phone Number improvement. Under the strategy of not relying on plg (product-driven growth). It is often necessary to provide customers with continuous services such as product use. However  Implementation and delivery through the customer success team. Therefore In order to achieve customer purchases and renewals. Under the current situation that customer success is increasingly valued by saas vendors. However Companies no longer discuss whether to do customer success. But consider how to establish a systematic customer success strategy. However Although we all know the concept of customer success. So far.

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Cambodia phone number


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However  To put it more directly: the success of the customer has nothing to do with you. Because the customer’s the paid value has basically been tappe. However. Because saas vendors adopt subscription fees. They must rely on the customer’s renewal revenue in the coming year to maintain positive profitability. However If the customer purchases the saas system. The saas vendor cannot provide the customer with a good system delivery and continuous service until if the customer is successful.  However When the renewal fee is not guarantee. Saas manufacturers will inevitably rely on a large number of new customers to sign up to maintain positive profits.

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