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4 new types of Post-Pandemic Consumers

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4 new types of Post-Pandemic Consumers

A study signed by Psyma indicates that 3 out of 4 consumers say that the passage of COVID-19 will leave some permanent change in their life phone no search australia

And while many of these changes are related to your health, personal hygiene, and quality time with your family;

In this video I tell you about a study by Ernst & Young that has identified 4 types of consumers who will be born in the middle of the pandemic and who will stay for a long time to be served by brands

#1. Those who “save and accumulate”

35% of consumers are in this group, where the greatest concern will focus on the family and their immediate environment. Its consumption will increase in food and will be reduced in other categories

#two. Deep cutout

These people represent 27.3% of consumers, most of them are of older age and are those who suffered a work suspension or an economic change in their jobs

Regarding their behavior, they are people who reduced their consumption and only buy essential items.

#3. Stay calm, carry on

They represent 26.2 percent and are characterized by not feeling directly affected by the epidemic

Their consumption habits are maintained and only 21 percent of this group is spending more money on food products

#4. Hibernate and spend

This group is only occupied by 11.4 percent of consumers, who are represented by the youngest and who do not care about the emergency or what may come.

In all of them, this group is expected to maintain their consumption habits Gulf Phone Number List

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