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4 mistakes we tend to repeat on social media

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4 mistakes we tend to repeat on social media

Some mistakes that are not taken into account, but that are significant in the result of digital management The final objective of social networks is, without a doubt, to achieve the commitment of our followers with the brand we represent and this China Phone Number List implies only loyalty, but also tangible long-term results – sales, although we will always insist that sales belong to a specific department and not to the digital marketing department – which is why the company hires a Community Manager. But in this profession, which still works based on ‘trial and error’, we tend to take the word of some as law and we continue to make mistakes that do not lead us to the much desired approach. Here are four of them.

Contests. Not all brands are compatible with a contest. Clearly, a chocolate company will be more attractive than a battery company when it comes to raffling something. If your company is the battery company and cannot afford a trip to the Caribbean or the latest professional digital camera for photographers, better not run a contest that will not have participants and will generate the image that you do not have traction with your followers .

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Publication frequency . Neither much nor little is ideal. Presence is important throughout the day, but neither spam nor withdrawal are good measures. The balance has to do with the “anxiety” of your followers (which is related to the age of the target audience for the product), which will give you a clue of the need to publish.

Not all brands work the same. The Phone Number List previous points lead us to highlight something that is fundamental: each brand is different , because it is associated with a different human group, therefore all the rules that you have learned about how to interact with your followers must be appropriate for your specific audience. Interaction is not just promotion . When we talk about ‘reaching out’ with your followers or establishing ties, we mean it. Interacting with them implies taking an interest in their activities, commenting on their status and not just “selling the product” through an image or a promotional link.

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