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3 web design Canada WhatsApp Number List trends that are trending this May

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3 web design Canada WhatsApp Number List trends that are trending this May

Sleek and Small Navigation Design

Large-scale navigation designs were popular before, and then the hamburger icon became popular. Maybe the hidden design of the hamburger menu is not obvious enough, and the traditional navigation design is gradually returning, but in terms of style, it presents a trendy and small feature. This kind of navigation is more sophisticate in details and experience. More importantly, the small layout and control of the amount of information make it clear at a glance. If you want more navigation information, you nee to click the “More” button.

The beauty of this navigation design is that it leaves enough space and focus for the main content below, while ensuring the functionality of the navigation itself.

And the flaws are also obvious, because the navigation is designe to be too small, which may confuse some users. From the current point of view, this kind of navigation is suitable for single-page websites or pages with relatively less traffic and full of personality. Websites with complex structures are not suitable for such a design trend.

The following three websites use this design trend to varying degrees:


adde a black vertical bar to the right side of the page, with a small pause button and tiny dynamic graphics to entice you to switch pages. Small navigation is place at the bottom of the page

website took a relatively eclectic approach, using a sidebar navigation that include a logo, a hamburger icon, and a search button, which kept the menu prominent and kept the overall design simple. When you click on the hamburger icon, you will find that there are really a lot of links hidden in it, even including article recommendations. is also place on the sidebar, but on the left side. All the links are displaye on the surface, but from the name to the style, it is very simple and compact.

2. Interesting layer clipping effects

Learning to use layer controls to create visually appealing designs will give you a boost when designing. By controlling the interaction of elements on different layers, you can create mesmerizing visual effects.

Canada WhatsApp Number List
Canada WhatsApp Number List

Fortunately, the various design effects that use to be head-scratching are. Now Canada WhatsApp Number List a piece of cake for the front end of the web page. More and more mature front-end technologies make layer control and management more convenient. Recently, the most popula Canada WhatsApp Number Listr layer-related technology is the effect of. Layer clipping, which refers to the cutting of part of the element to. Make room for the element in the foreground.

This layer clipping effect is suitable for almost any type of website and design. The clippe part can be of any size and position. The trick to using this effect is to control the coordination between elements. elements fit together perfectly.

The clippe parts should be closely relate to the overall design message and consistent with the design goals. For example, it should be able to aid navigation, guide vision. Help users access information, facilitate functionality, and help users understand information.

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