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3 mistakes you may be making on social media without knowing it

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3 mistakes you may be making on social media without knowing it

Right questions, focus and real expectations are the pillars of good management Bradley Smith is a consultant digital marketing , known for teaching online courses on the subject. He is the founder of the Fixcourse site and is constantly researching the Egypt Mobile Number Database dynamics of social media . According to him, there are three big mistakes that we can be making without knowing it.

Not asking the right questions. According to Smith, people often ask themselves questions like “how many tweets should I make daily? Or should I schedule my blog posts? Things that, he considers, are of little use because ” accounts Social Media cannot save your brand.” Instead, he focuses on the product or service as the main tool marketing .

According to the above, it is necessary to consider the following: If a unique, innovative and / or user-friendly product is being delivered If a service is being delivered that exceeds the customer’s expectations If content of excellence is being delivered in terms of information about the product or service.

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To measure the brand’s loyalty and impact on the audience, Smith proposes to use the Net Promoter Score, a site that allows you to differentiate between promoters, liabilities and detractors of your brand with a simple question measured in points: How much would you recommend to the company X to a friend or colleague?
Smith remembers the words of Steve Jobs when, in 1997 he returned to Apple and nobody was able to tell him which of the new equipment was the most recommended and then he reduced the variety of products by 70%. “Deciding what will not be done is as important as what will be done. It’s true for companies and it’s true for products , ”Jobs said at the time.

In Social Media there are so many options and so many tactics that one tends to get confused. For this, it is important to focus efforts by asking: Where are the customers and potential customers that interest us? And which of their activities will we privilege? And that can range from hiring a blogger, a community manager, or a copywriter for email marketing . It doesn’t matter what you choose, if you do it based on the previous two questions.

guru Marketing Seth Godin says one of the biggest mistakes marketers (and companies in general) make is being impatient. This Phone Number List means that if you are going to make a sale next week, you cannot do marketing today. You should have started three years ago. The marketing and sales work only if people trust you. And that process takes time. According to Godin, in simple terms, there are two ways to market yourself online. Both can be effective, but they will depend on your desire to invest, whether it is money in advertising or time, energy and money in “earning” that attention and obviously a little more patience.

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