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3 ideas to improve the presence of your video on YouTube

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3 ideas to improve the presence of your video on YouTube

The time that the world invests in this network makes it an excellent marketing tool If we look at any more or less recent infographic on figures and facts Colombia Phone Numbers List related to YouTube, we will not be indifferent. Founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley , Jawed Karim and Steve Chen , a year it was sold to Google for 1.65 billion dollars. A sum that, paid by the Internet giant, announced the projections of the company. Today, the world falls at the feet of YouTube uploading 60 hours of video per minute and watching 4 billion videos every day. But what is it that makes this network so attractive?

The truth is that the attraction factors are many, starting with the appeal to the senses. If a photograph captivates our interest, it multiplies when it is a moving image. If to that we add an argument that hooks us – either because of the interest of the subject, the novelty in terms of its treatment or the humor it uses -, along with good background music and the right colors , the effect can be irresistible. If you appeal to emotions, you have a high probability of going viral.

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Now if the channel is so important to people today why not use it? That is the conclusion that all of us who are in some way related to marketing come to , but the expectations of that conclusion usually become too great. We all want to make a viral, but rarely do we succeed. However, the presence of your brand in this channel will always be useful.

What is attractive to many people, also includes your customers and if you consider a couple of details, your message is likely to reach more people than you imagine. To ensure a good location on Google, experts advise the following: Create useful content for your target in entertaining format Ensure easy meeting of your video. How? Using keywords in the Phone Number List title and making a simple and clear description, which also includes keywords. Finally, ask for collaboration in terms of visits to clients, friends and acquaintances, during the launch of the video. That will ensure your good location in the search engine.

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