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3 Dimensions, Redefine User Experience Armenia Phone Number

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3 Dimensions, Redefine User Experience Armenia Phone Number

The first two articles expounded the relationship with Armenia Phone Number  user experience and its impact on user experience from the perspective of technology and products. In fact. The emergence of new technologies from the technical level is the experience brought to users by disruptive innovation in business. From the product level. It is with technical support. Users can pay lower costs when solving their own needs. Then the last dimension is from the perspective of service. Service is the perception problem of the process and result of satisfying user needs. And service is the key link supporting the entire experience system. This article is the third part of 3 dimensions. Redefining user experience: the relationship between service continuation of business life and user experience.



The Relationship

The essence of service Service is a special intangible Armenia Phone Number  activity that meets the needs of others and is a part that independently creates value. Service can provide unique value and satisfaction. Service is independent of product.  Both of which bring value to users. The value of product is functional. While the value of service is emotional. Sexual. Service is the glue between enterprises and users. Enterprises provide services to users. After using services. Users solve their own problems or meet their own needs and gain a sense of satisfaction. Then the user’s recognition of the enterprise will be higher and higher. And the enterprise will continue to provide services and obtain the value that users bring to the enterprise.




Armenia Phone Number
Armenia phone number


Services and Products

Therefore. Many large catering companies are now Armenia Phone Number  trying to reduce the waiting anxiety of users and give more dining surprises in the process of queuing and dining.And the quality of service determines the change of user experience. The relationship between services and products Service and product are two parallel lines. Both of which solve problems and bring value to users. Products solve functional problems of users. And services give emotional value on the basis of solving functional problems. Services and products form a complete set of solutions to user needs. Some industries use services to obtain user value. For example. In the travel industry. Products are a tool for users to obtain driver services. It has become an online order. But the actual service still requires an offline driver to pick up and drop off.

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