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21 reasons to be optimistic in 2021

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21 reasons to be optimistic in 2021

The digital business school IEBS Business School is Burundi Email List optimistic for the new year that begins with the momentum experienced by digitization during the pandemic.
To start 2021 on the right foot, the IEBS Business School shares with us 21 reasons to face this new year in a positive way:

There is hope to get out of the crisis and a great opportunity in the digital world.
It is estimated that 4 digital jobs will be created for every 5 non-digital.
The average salary of professionals in the digital world and technology will increase by 30% in the next 10 years.
40% of Europe’s GDP will be digital in 2021.
More than 80% of professionals view their future work with great positivity.
There has been a great expansion of remote work. From teleworking only 4.8% of those employed in 2019 to 34% in 2020.
The rise of hybrid offices will allow you to work where and how you want.
Jobs have become more flexible and work-life balance has been significantly improved.
Technology deployment is not going to slow down, keeping pace in areas like the cloud, big data, and e-commerce.

Some areas such as artificial intelligence and the development of robotics will be accelerated.
34% of companies will hire new employees to integrate technology that will automate lower-value work.
It will be a good opportunity for digital service entrepreneurs, as the use of external consultants for specialized jobs will increase.
By 2025 it is estimated that 97 million new roles will emerge that are better adapted to work between humans, machines and algorithms.
66% of employers say they will invest in well-trained digital professionals and technologists.
Not only will more jobs be created, but they will be of higher quality.
We want to continue growing. Personal development courses among workers have grown by 88%.
The number of people seeking online learning opportunities on their own initiative has quadrupled.
Every time we value the little things more and more.
We are more supportive and stronger than ever Gulf Phone Number List.
The pandemic has made us, in general, join us more closely.
The vaccine against Covid-19 will be in our hands and both the health situation and the economic crisis will improve.

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