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2054: closer than ever

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2054: closer than ever

David Ordóñez, Account Manager of Spark Foundry thailand mobile number format, evokes the movie “Minority Report” to review the technological advances to which we are already accustomed and those that are to come sooner rather than later.

Remember the Steven Spielberg movie “Minority Report”? In that film set in 2054, Spielberg predicted a technology that, for that time, was unimaginable and futuristic. Today, 2020, many of these technologies are a reality that we are used to seeing, video calls (Skype or FaceTime), gesture controls such as the Nintendo Wii, Playstation VR and even Microsoft’s Hololens 2. And what about autonomous vehicles, something unthinkable at the time, but which today are a reality thanks to companies such as Tesla or Wayra, without forgetting that the main car manufacturers are already working on their own versions for the future. Another aspect that is shown in the film is the viewing of memories through 3D technology. Today we have virtual reality, augmented reality applications and we can record everything with 360º cameras such as Samsung’s Gear VR.

Are you familiar with the term biometrics? Biometrics is the science and technology dedicated to measuring and analyzing biological data. In the field of information technology, biometrics refers to the technologies that measure and analyze the characteristics of the human body, such as DNA, fingerprints, the retina and iris of the eyes, facial patterns or the voice, and hand measurements for identity authentication purposes. Many of these metrics are already being used in different technological fields such as Smartphones, but what if they were applied in the media?

In the film we see how the external environment is capable of launching personalized impacts, recognizing each person’s iris. It is still early for us to see this type of impact in the outside world, but do not doubt that in the near future it will be viable Gulf Phone Number List.

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