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20 must-have Amazon terms for brands

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20 must-have Amazon terms for brands

Do you know what ACOS is? And what about A9 or Buy Box? Terms like these are essential to understand Amazon Mozambique Email List, so the Amazing agency has provided us with a list of the necessary concepts to take advantage of one of the largest advertising platforms in the world.
Amazing, a digital marketing agency specialized in Amazon, has pointed out 20 terms and concepts that companies must understand to dominate the ecommerce giant, which has not only become the showcase par excellence of brands, but has also positioned itself as the third largest advertising platform in the world:

ACOS (Advertising cost of sales). It is the main metric to value the investment in advertising between sales.
ROAS. It is the return on advertising investment or, in English, return of ad spend.

A + Content. The A + pages include rich content and value added to the products.
A9. Amazon search engine algorithm.
Amazon Advertising. Amazon advertising platform.
Amazon DSP. Amazon’s programmatic advertising platform.

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). It refers to those products that are logistically managed by Amazon.
Amazon Prime. It is Amazon’s premium subscription program.

ARA Basic and Premium. Amazon Retail Analytics Basic (ARA) and (ARAP) are the main sales analysis tools.

ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). It is the code that Amazon uses to identify each product.
Keyword. Keyword that users use when they use search engines.

Brand Store. Custom product store available to private label sellers on Amazon.
Buy Box. Yellow buy button that appears on the product detail page.

Flash offer. Amazon special offers for a limited time.

Detail Page. Information detail page for each unique product on the platform.

Pantry Amazon. Service for Prime customers specialized in supermarket products.

Ranking. It is the position that a product occupies according to its number of sales in a specific category.

Rating. It is the average evaluation, from 1 to 5 stars, that a product obtains by users.

Seller Central. Sales platform in the Amazon marketplace.

Central Vendor. Sales platform for Amazon providers Gulf Phone Number List.

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