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20 million pesos plus 1% of sales offered by Lays

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20 million pesos plus 1% of sales offered by Lays

Until February 25 there is a deadline to participate in this attractive Lays promotion A promotion that is too attractive for the public to resist participating is the one that has just presented Evercrisp Chile for its Lays product. This is “Create Your Ecuador Mobile Number Database Taste and Win Millions”, a contest in which customers invent flavors for French fries.

Participants have until February 25 to submit their creations to the Lays website , directly connected to the Facebook account. Along with entering the new flavor, it is necessary to tell the story that inspired the idea, which clearly makes the more attractive promotion because it requires creativity .

The day after the end of the promotion , a jury made up of chef Christopher Carpentier and Francisca García-Huidobro , the communicator who has become the face of the brand’s latest campaigns, will choose three finalist flavors, which will be launched at the market. The one who obtains the most sales during the next three months from his departure, will be the winner and will be credited with the not inconsiderable sum of 20 million pesos (USD $ 43,000 app) plus 1% of the sales of the flavor created by he or she.

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Interesting initiative that, without a doubt, provides benefits for both parties, since the company will be “on everyone’s lips” – literally – while the participants think of flavors and creative stories to win the award. In addition, as the voting is not public, but the result – the sales – is, the mechanics are much more transparent. The commercial created by Mayo Digital in which you are invited to participate in the promotion , has all the elements to motivate the public, since it gives ideas on how to “get inspired” in a fun way.

It is clear that the promotion is a new success for the Phone Number List brand and it will probably be a success, as it has been in other places. Unfortunately, only people who live in national territory are allowed to participate, but since it works well, the most likely thing is that the contest will be replicated in countries where it has not yet been held, so it is not a bad thing to start thinking about new flavors for your fries.

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