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20 facts every tweeter should know about Twitter

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20 facts every tweeter should know about Twitter

Die Karriere Bibel, lists twenty facts that every tweetwero should know about Twitter. Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most important social Estonia Mobile Number Database platforms of the digital age today, not only because of the connection possibilities it offers to Internet users , but also because it presents itself as an ideal platform to execute various marketing strategies.

Despite being a service with great popularity, this social network hides many interesting figures that are worth knowing to understand a little more dynamics of it. In this line, Die Karriere Bibel, lists twenty facts that every tweetwero should know about Twitter :

Twitter was initially named as Twttr . 32% of internet users have an active Twitter account . On average, the social network microblogging has 6.9 million active users . In three years, two months and a day, Twitter managed to exceed the goal of one billion published tweets . Daily around are sent around 340 million messages the world through this service.

6.-An average user has 126 followers . Brands get an average of 14,709 followers on this social network. The brand with the most followers on Twitter is YouTube with 22 million followers . Lady Gaga es la persona con mayor número de seguidores al pasar los 33 millones. El 50% de los tweeteros acceden a la red social desde un dispositivo móvil. For 2012, it was estimated that an average of about one million accounts were created daily on this platform .

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Twitter is a female social network, 60% of users are women . On average, users spend 21 minutes a month to browse Twitter . 40% of registered users have never sent a tweet . Infographics are the most retweeted content, surpassing images and text articles by 83%. The tweet of the presidential victory of Barack Obama was the most retweeted in history with more than 800 thousand reactions . In the official account of the Swedish government every week a different citizen tweets .

McDonald’s has ten exclusive employees to manage the Phone Number List company’s Twitter account . Currently, Twitter is available in more than 25 languages ​​where Spanish ranks second after English as the most used. The estimated value of Twitter as a company is more than 11 billion dollars.

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