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Facebook & Instagram Trends Creative Shop for Bolivia Email Lists 2021

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Facebook & Instagram Trends Creative Shop for Bolivia Email Lists 2021

Similarly, the auto industry has been under great pressure to digitally transform during the Covid crisis Bolivia Email Lists. How can you replace the live experience of visiting a car dealership, checking the interior of a new model, or booking a test drive with virtual experiences? Throughout the year, we identified the most critical goals for the auto vertical and explored how brands could use AR to drive real business results. As part of that research, we collaborated with Volvo and identified one of the biggest challenges in moving from offline to online shopping: it is difficult for consumers to measure the size and feel of a car with just photos and a specification list. But with the AR, they are able to see it in real size, in the entrance of their own houses.

The trends that I have described on social platforms can be even more effective when joined, and if I were to give an award to the brand that does this best, I would choose L’Oréal. For their online beauty festival, they brought together 125 influencers, including male makeup artists (a brave first in the traditional Malaysian market), enhanced the exclusivity of the event by hosting it for a limited period, and integrated live Messenger interactive commerce to turn it into a true shopping experience. The result of the campaign? A 400% increase in daily sales.

The lessons brands must take from the creative innovation we see on our platforms are clear; Get out of your influencers comfort zone; put your audience at the center of your brand storytelling … literally and figuratively; reinvents the concept of “click and buy” e-commerce Gulf Phone Number List. With these new creative trends, your brand will have a greater opportunity to resist what 2021 may bring us and will stand out in an increasingly dynamic digital market.

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