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12 months, 12 resolutions for 2019

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12 months, 12 resolutions for 2019

This past year has been incredible for Webhoy how to get specific mobile number in india, we have grown a lot and we have been able to participate in very interesting projects with entrepreneurs who we have helped to create their business and make it grow. 2018 has been a year to remember and reflect on everything that has happened to us and to learn from our mistakes and our successes.

In a few days 2019 will enter, and we already know that it does it with force. Just to start we will have projects from day 1 that will begin to take shape and that we hope will grow a lot throughout that year.

As we do not want the new year to catch us with homework undone, we have prepared a list of 12 resolutions for 2019 that we not only hope to apply to our own business, but we also want to propose so that you can apply it to yours. Without getting much more involved, let’s get to it.
12 months, 12 resolutions for 2019

12 months, 12 purposes
It is not mandatory that you implement each one in a specific month, but if you set goals and deadlines it will be much easier that at the end of the year we have achieved all or almost all the purposes that we have proposed. Some of these purposes will only take a couple of hours and others will require continuous and constant work, but do not give up. Wanting is power!

Purpose 1: Buy a domain for your personal brand
We already explained in this blog what a domain is and how to choose one, today what we propose is that you go to your favorite hosting provider or domain registrar and buy a domain with which you can identify yourself on a personal level. This can be your first and last name, a nickname, and a made-up name related to your area of ​​expertise. This domain can accompany you throughout your life and will identify you on the internet. Gulf Phone Number List

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