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12 months, 12 resolutions for 2019 part- 2

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12 months, 12 resolutions for 2019 part- 2

Purpose 1: Buy a domain for your personal brand
We already explained in this blog what a domain is and how to choose one phone number list with name, today what we propose is that you go to your favorite hosting provider or domain registrar and buy a domain with which you can identify yourself on a personal level. This can be your first and last name, a nickname, and a made-up name related to your area of ​​expertise. This domain can accompany you throughout your life and will identify you on the internet.

Purpose 2: Hire a quality hosting
Either because you have followed the first purpose, or because you already have an online business and a website, we recommend that you choose a quality hosting to host your website. The reasons are many, and is that although in the short term a free hosting may seem like a good choice, in the long term it can lead to problems such as slow loading speed, reaching the limit of requests, maximum disk space … In addition, a quality hosting will give you it will allow you to enjoy good support and technical assistance in case of hacks, errors or crashes.

Purpose 3: Create a website with wordpress.
WordPress is the most used CMS in the world, it allows you to create a web page without the need for programming knowledge. (At least, for you have a blog or a basic website). In our article 5 Reasons why using WordPress will ruin your life we ​​treat in a humorous key some of the benefits of using wordpress to create your website. If you already have your domain and your hosting… Let’s go for the website!

Purpose 4: Start writing periodically on your blog and don’t quit!
Although it may not seem like it, this is one of the most important and most difficult purposes to fulfill in the long term. Do you remember when you were in high school or university that you said, this year I start studying since September and I will take all the subjects a day, with a couple of hours … Well, the same thing happens with the blog, we usually start very strong, but something always comes up that makes you unable to write one day, not the next … and so on. Starting and running a blog is not easy, but by following some tips to set up your blog, it is possible.

Purpose 5: Grow your profiles on Social Networks, for example … Give Instagram a kick!
This purpose goes hand in hand with the previous one, both need you to periodically invest time in publishing, liking, following other users … Normally we are used to being on Social Networks, according to statistics in Spain we spend more than 1 hour up to date on Social Networks. For this reason it may not be difficult for you to publish regularly, so you should focus your efforts on doing it with your head, prepare a marketing plan for social networks, a calendar, a theme and to the mess.

Purpose 6: Keep your website updated, do not neglect maintenance.
Web maintenance is something that many people neglect, and I speak not only of individuals, but also companies. What is maintenance? Basically keeping wordpress up to date, creating backup copies, keeping track of website security and of course keeping your content up to date. If you do not have time, there are many companies like ours that can give you the web maintenance service for a monthly fee that is worth it.

Purpose 7: Learn some SEO or hire a consultant.
SEO in 2019 will be the factor that will make the difference between being successful on the internet with your blog and your website or not. The first thing you should know is that SEO is the key for your website to appear in Google when someone searches for a certain keyword. That said, my advice is to read a little about the topic, how to optimize your articles for ranking, which WordPress plugins to use and learn how to measure your results with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. If this all sounds like Chinese to you, you can always hire an SEO consultant to help you with it.

Purpose 8: Earn some money through the internet
Sell! Sell ​​something, whatever. Earning money through the internet does not mean being the new Mark Zuckerberg and “hitting the pitch” as we would say here. There are many ways to earn money through the internet and what I can tell you is that they all involve some work, but hey… if it’s worth it, why not? Some ways to earn money online can be: Sell products either through your own website or using a platform such as wallapop or amazon, sell your professional services, if someone contacts you to request your services and ends up hiring you, that is also sell online, create an account on a social network or YouTube and earn money with advertising (This is not easy), and like these thousand things that you can think of.  Gulf Phone Number List

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