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10 Tips to Become the Best Micro Influencer

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10 Tips to Become the Best Micro Influencer

According to Binfluencer mobile number data information, micro influencers are increasingly in demand by brands by providing them with more segmented audiences, as well as greater “engagement”, freshness and authenticity.
Influence Marketing has become a professional outlet not only for famous and recognized influencers who have made it their way of life and main source of income, but also for users with a network of 5,000 followers who want to obtain a complement economic. “Perhaps some of us could be micro influencers without knowing it, and we realize it when a brand proposes some collaborative action. It is a field that is beginning to become more and more professional, and where brands value specialization, but also quality and community cohesion ”, explains Javier Yuste, CEO and co-founder of Binfluencer.

For this reason, this global Spanish startup specialized in Influence Marketing has prepared a decalogue with advice for all those who start in this world and want to become a good micro influencer:

Choose your topic and stick to it: to influence others, it is advisable to become specialists, either in something general (fashion) or something more specific (bags). The more specific, the less competition.

Keep your feed neat and with a uniform aesthetic: brands look for professionalism and quality, even in an amateur influencer.

Build a community: interact with your followers, respond to their content suggestions, and welcome their comments whenever you can.

Also interact with other influencers from related fields: It will give you credibility and security.

Offer something in return: For example, give small brands the opportunity to run giveaways on your profile. You will both increase followers, in addition to building loyalty.

If the mountain does not go to Muhammad …: If you want to dedicate yourself to this, do not wait sitting down to be called. If you are interested in a brand or feel an affinity with it, you can approach it.

Be consistent: Followers don’t multiply overnight (in fact, if this happens, it’s suspicious). Work every day to make your profile an attractive space.

Use hashtags and locations well: It will be easier for them to find and follow you. You can even create a specific hashtag just for you, which defines you and serves to search for your publications.

Be professional and punctual: If you receive an order from a brand, make sure you meet the deadlines and delivery formats.

Be yourself: Don’t try to copy others or fake it. It shows and does not like.Gulf Phone Number List

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