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10 steps to lead generation campaigns

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10 steps to lead generation campaigns

Lead campaigns get companies to obtain personal information from users (usually in the form of an email address or phone number) in exchange for relevant content afghanistan mobile phone companies, information, research, a free trial, a product, or anything else that can. want or need.
Taboola has developed a guide to design, step by step, a successful lead campaign:

1. Define the objectives well.

In the scientific era of digital marketing, in which everything can be measured, the first thing to do is establish which lead generation campaign you want to carry out and create a document with the measurable objectives you are looking for. These can range from getting a certain number of leads, subscribers, registrations, sales or conversions.

2. Research the audience.

Establishing the desired audience you want to reach is key. And the more narrow the potential buyers are, the more brands can focus on their interests and needs. This will draw a more precise line on the campaign to be carried out. Some resources that work for this task are analyzing the demographic data of the site with Google Analytics, as well as analyzing the followers on social networks. It is also advisable to determine which buyers the competition is targeting and conduct customer surveys or interviews.


3. Plan content

It is key to align the objectives of the campaign with the desired audience and the content to be published. And this can be broadcast on one channel or several (web, blog, social networks, video channel …). In addition, it must be assessed whether advertising will be included in search engines with PPC (Pay Per Click), as well as the use of optimization tools for organic searches (SEO). In both cases it is important to consider the keywords.

4. Launch an offer with a hook

The key question at this point is what result you want to achieve with the lead generation campaign. The list is very long. It can be from downloading information, registering for an event, trying or buying a product, watching a video, subscribing to a newsletter … And for this, an interesting offer has to be created.

5. Promote the content or offer

Except in exceptional cases, a lead generation campaign needs a supportive promotional effort. Some of the options for this are posts on the site, paid advertising in search engines or social media. As well as resorting to the own database and emails, among others.

6. Optimize lead capture mechanisms

The key moment in lead generation campaigns is knowing what will happen when users are called to act. You can request an email, address, phone number or credit card for that call to action to take place. However, it is crucial that forms, popups, chat, or any other way to capture potential customers, is presented at an adequate pace, that is, without saturating users.

7. Test your campaign elements

If the campaign is prolonged in time, it is convenient to optimize it. In this sense, it can be very useful to use the detailed examination of metrics on the effectiveness of each element through A / B Test. Thus, we measure and check which version works best.

8. Classify potential customers

Using lead ranking systems helps sales and marketing teams focus their efforts on those who have the best chance of becoming actual customers.

9. Nurture leads

Once you have managed to generate the interest of potential customers with your lead generation campaign, it is very important to nurture the relationship with them. For this, it is advisable to give them assistance, information, content and offers according to their current needs. Some tools that work well are welcome emails, success stories, providing product or service comparisons …

10. Close agreements

The final step of a successful lead generation campaign is to convert your leads into sales. To do this, it is recommended to analyze if the previous steps are being carried out. Few companies manage to implement all nine. Along with this, it is recommended to put yourself in the shoes of customers, showing understanding of the challenges they may experience, presenting useful content and acting as a consultant in order to accompany them, providing confidence in each step of the campaign Gulf Phone Number List.

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