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10 keys to protect your brand from fake news

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10 keys to protect your brand from fake news

Go to the bottom. A domain-only protection is not enough. The different pages of a website Philippines Email List have different types of content with their consequent levels of risk. Make sure you have the protection of the entire website for adequate coverage.

Labeling of the sites. It is crucial to ensure that the media is running JavaScript tags to achieve the highest level of URL visibility and brand safety protection.

Adequate methods. Using a single method such as blacklist or a keyword list is not effective for brand safety protection. Hence, it is advisable to use several systems and combine them to get
to a comprehensive solution. In this sense, the implementation of cognitive semantic technology, such as contextual intelligence, is recommended, which helps brands to ensure that they can precisely control the content that appears next to the ads.

Upgrade. After setting up your brand security protection systems, make sure they are up to date. Review and update your blacklist or keyword lists, as well as the rest of the parameters you use. And as new scandals, fake news or international crises like the current health-related crisis of the coronavirus pandemic emerge, add new keywords and combine your list system with contextual intelligence.


Verification technology. Using real-time and pre-bid verification technology will help prevent, or instantly block, impressions from being served alongside content that is dangerous to brand safety.

Global protection. Global brands need to have verification technology providers that provide them with multi-language protection tools and are able to handle the challenges that arise from protecting keywords in different languages.

Personalization. Since the risk to brand security is diverse depending on the interests of each advertiser and each campaign, it is essential to define and customize them.
Greater knowledge of technology partners. Agencies are very familiar with brand security technology providers and their capabilities. And this should also happen between brands and verification technology partners.

Join forces. Contact supports with your brand security technology provider prior to campaign launch. In this way a cooperation will be guaranteed that will help to optimize it.

Fight against fraud. To truly protect your brand and your investment in digital advertising, you must avoid fraud. Make sure both brand security and fraud are well guarded Gulf Phone Number List.

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